"Every year, my huge extended family and I spend a glorious three-day weekend in Big Bear at the Royal Canadian Lodge. The Lodge is fantastic and has something for everyone. We love hiking, playing in the snow, the views from the amazing decks around the Lodge, the gourmet kitchen. We laugh, sing, dance, cook, eat, play games. All the young kids have a blast, and all the older kids make it a point to save the weekend and take a break from college to reconnect with our Family.

The Lodge itself is spectacular, and it has always been beautifully cleaned and well stocked. We try to leave the Lodge a little bit better than we find it every year, so we can keep coming back. :)

Linda and her team are wonderful to work with and go out of their way every year to make things simple for us and help us have a terrific time -- they are just plain NICE!!!

If you have a large group and are looking for a wonderful place to stay in Big Bear -- the Royal Canadian Lodge is the place. Highly recommended and simply fantastic."

-Brian R.


"What a perfect site! I brought my girls soccer team for a four day training trip along with all their families. The lodge easily handled 39 people. With so much space and the unique layout enabled "quiet spaces" for the working adults. (wi-fi worked perfectly). The game room and bunk house were perfect and kept the kids entertained. The main kitchen (yes main, there is an additional kitchen downstairs which we just stored food in the refrigerator) was large and fully functional with plenty of space for meal making. My parent who was in charge for meal planning gave me a thumbs up when she waked in for the first time.

I was able to have the main master bedroom upstairs on the East facing side, as one reviewer mentioned it does get rather hot up there, but we didn't really mind it too much since we didn't spend too much time there.

The deck around the house is a main focus - our group ate outside taking advantage of the view. For the parents, the railing was a little loose which was a concern of mine but the property manager wasn't aware of it being loose until I told them upon our group leaving yesterday. I have already had several calls from the manager to identify this exact problem so they can get this fixed before it becomes a major issue since in several places the deck is 3- stories off the ground.

The bathrooms and sleeping arrangements were a major concern of mine before arriving, but the manager submitted over 190 pictures and a floor plan to me before signing the lease to help with these issues. Plenty of linens were provided for the stay, which were stored in the garage. Folding tables and chairs for the group were also stored in the garage to help with meals on the deck.

Parking on site is limited to 5 cars - its a county regulation so I totally understand. The property management has arranged for the local church down the hill to store cars for $5 per night per car - not a bad deal which we did take advantage of.

I was concerned about our group noise levels since we did have 15 girls aged 12 staying there, but when I snuck outside during our loudest moments, you could hardly hear us from the street.

Take advantage of the cool nights and star gaze from the deck - a truly beautiful site. Even after having the girls use the hill going up to the lodge as a training tool, the girls are already asking if we are going to go back next year.

Thank you for making the trip memorable for my squad and their families."

-Robert H.


"August 8-10th 43 members of my family gathered at the Royal Canadian Lodge for a family retreat. This Lodge is an amazing place...7000 sq feet spread out on four different levels.

The ages of our group ranged from a 6-month-old child to 2 adults in their late 70s. It was suitable for all age ranges; my 78-year-old mother just remained on the main floor, so she wouldn't have to go up and down the flights of stairs. Toddlers need to be well supervised because of all the steps (but there were safety gates available for the stairs).

The peaceful setting for this Lodge includes an amazing view of the Big Bear Valley, and we enjoyed clear nights for star gazing! Pictures (of the Lodge or the view) do not show this place off enough. I was giddy with excitement as the site manager showed me throughout the house when we arrived!

The bedrooms range from a palatial master bedroom suite with a King-size bed and a sunken tub in the master bath to a bunkhouse that can sleep 24. It might take the right kind of group to make the bunkhouse work...the members of our family that shared the bunkhouse were gracious about sharing a room with so many people. It would be helpful if there were a full bathroom on the bunkhouse level, but we did fine sharing the other bathrooms with those who had the private bedrooms.

Both the property manager and the site manager were extremely friendly and helpful even as I had tons of questions in the time leading up to our retreat. They provided a "Don't Pack 'Em; We Got 'Em List" which was very helpful. I think they could even expound on it a little more and include some pictures of how well the kitchen is stocked.

We spent the whole weekend enjoying the retreat house. It could be used and enjoyed in any season for those who like to be outdoors more. We were so content enjoying the place; we never felt the need to go check out the lake, go to a restaurant etc.

I hate to mention any negative about this place because it is so wonderful. I wish San Bernardino Co. would adjust the parking limit. The Lodge has a very large driveway that could have pretty easily accommodated all of our vehicles, but they only allow six to be parked in the driveway. Offsite parking was provided for the extra cars for a small fee.

I have already recommended this property to my boss as a possible retreat site for a young adult group. I will continue to recommend it as I meet people looking for a special place for a retreat or weekend away."

-Mary P.


"The Royal Canadian Lodge was well sized for our family reunion group of 15 adults and 14 children. The age range of our group was 1 yr to 82 yrs. The large common areas on 3 of the 4 floors allowed for various groups of adults and children to get together without disturbing each other. The lodge was clean and the furniture comfortable. We spent the bulk of our evening at the lodge, even though it was so close to other activities in the area. It was also nice the lodge had bedrooms on all 4 levels, so older people in our group who had difficulty with stairs could have a bedroom on the main level, while the families with young children who napped had bedrooms on the top floor where it was quiet. One disadvantage of these top floor rooms, however, was they have east/west facing windows without any blinds, so they get quite warm in the afternoon. The young adults and teenage kids loved the large bunkhouse room where they could all lie in bed and talk to each other while winding down for the night. It would have been nice to have a bathroom with a shower on the bunkhouse floor, but we figured out a plan to share the bathrooms on the other floors, even though some didn’t have hallway entries. We cooked all our meals at the lodge and were glad to find the kitchens were spacious and there was adequate storage space for all our groceries. The one problem we had with the kitchen facilities was the icemaker didn’t keep up with our needs. If you’re planning to be there in the summer, I suggest bringing and an extra ice chest to store purchased ice. The water heater failed while we were there, but once we reported the problem to the on-site management the problem was resolved within a couple of hours. We had a bit of confusion locking the doors when we left the premises since we were issued a key to the back kitchen door, which wasn’t keyed the same as the main entry door. The on-site management promptly exchanged the keys once we notified them. I realize the 5 car on-site parking limit is not controlled by the lodge management, but it was a bit of a hassle to stage and shuttle the cars. This was especially true when we were arriving/unloading and checking out/loading as there were 9 cars in our group. Overall, however it was a great site and members is our group have recommend it to friends for their family reunions."

-Sandra B.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Royal Canadian Lodge is a TRUE home away from home. It has everything you can imagine for the perfect family reunion or weekend retreat. A spacious lodge that accommodates large groups, it is fully equipped with recreational gear, kitchen tools, towels, sheets. You name it! The views are spectacular and there are so many different area's of the house you can use to congregate and be together. The patios are stunning and the new outdoor picnic area is perfect for that outdoor lunch or suntan. You wont be disappointed with your stay!
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-Rebekah B.


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